How to Elevate Your Phone Photography

Over the last few years cell phones have taken on a life of their own. No longer are they used for the simple purpose in which they were created for, but they have gone in a direction I never would of imagined…photography.

Now here is the million dollar question, will your phone camera replace, replicate and perform like a true DSLR?

In short, no…but I’ll be danged if you can take some pretty amazing shots with it! As with a DSLR camera, you simply need to know how to optimize it’s capabilities and I’m here to show you how.

Below are 3 easy in phone settings you can use to help elevate your phone photography.


Located in your camera phone settings you will find the metering option. My settings look like this:

(Samsung Galaxy S5)

In the metering menu you will find three options, Spot, Matrix, and Centered. So what exactly is metering and why do you want to use it? Simply put, your camera meter measures light and adjusts the cameras exposure based on how bright or dark your image is.

Want a silhouette photo like below?

Use the spot meter, move it to the bright sky and snap your photo.

Your camera will adjust the exposure for the bright sunlight resulting in a silhouette. If your taking a less dramatic photo use the Matrix setting. As the icon suggest, Matrix meters light from the whole shot you are trying to capture. Center Weighted setting works well when the subject you want to focus on is in the center of the shot.

 Burst Shots

I would be lying if I said I only take one photo of an event and get that perfect shot. In fact it would be a real whopper of a lie.

Though I have certainly learned from experience some tips and tricks, sometimes you just need a whole lot of options, and that’s where Burst comes in.

And if your photographing an action packed scenario Burst Shot will be your best friend. Turn in on in your settings and when your ready, hold down the shutter button and take 30 shots in just a few seconds. That’s what I’m talking about!


Selective Focus

Until recently I had no clue what this was. And boy was I missing out!

 If your looking to really duplicate that soft background look from a DSLR lens this is for you. Turn it on and focus on the image you want tack sharp. After taking the photo your camera will work its magic and blur/soften the backdrop. I love this for up close photos of flowers, or even portrait shots of my girls.

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