Pinterest diy Pin; How to Make A Pinterest Pin Without Expensive Software

If you want to share your content to Pinterest, but don’t own do you make a Pin? Until recently I had no idea, in fact I just assumed all Pinners (Pinners are people who Pin on Pinterest…mmmkay?) just used software. But I was wrong. After reviewing online and mobile apps for both my Phone Photo Watermarking and Facebook Cover posts I knew their had to be something out there that would be simple and free, and with suggestions of other bloggers, I found it and want to share it with you!

How to create an easy Pinterest diy pin.

pinterest diy

It’s free.

It’s easy.

And it’s free.

Oh wait, I already said that.

It’s called:


To get started simply sign up and create an account:


Once that is complete, you get to check out all their features.

I went into this looking specifically for making a correctly sized Pin image, but they have many more social media, as well as marketing options that are certainly worth looking into.


They even offer custom sizing of your canvas.

This would be great for blog posts to ensure you have the correct dimensions for your site. Pretty cool!


Moving back to my Pin…

As you can see below you have multiple options for design, including different font choices, backgrounds, images as well as the ability to upload your own photos from Your Computer, Facebook and Dropbox.


When I first started making my test Pin I clicked on my favorite image in the group and went to town designing it.


I was happy as a clam as I clicked, dragged, and adjusted to my hearts content thinking,

“This is awesome! Look at my PIN! It’s so cute! Yay!”

I didn’t realize that the background image I chose was NOT free. Yes, they are options that are, but some of the cooler graphics do cost money…a dollar. So it’s not crazy expensive, but you can also upload your own images for free. So seeing as I’m cheap and don’t want to put in my credit card info for a measly buck, I went back and chose one of their free ones.

My bubble was a little burst, but after finishing it I actually liked my free design better:


After you’re done editing simply click the Download button in the upper right and your image is ready to rock.

Easy right?

Overall, it took me about 15 minutes to create my log-in, get accustom with the program and create my Pin. I tinkered around a lot with their options (including the one that wanted to set me back a dollar!), so if you’re in a pinch or know exactly what you want I’m sure you can make one in just a few minutes.

I found Canva to be extremely user friendly and a perfect go-to for creating easy Pinterest Pins without the hassle of expensive software.

Have fun Pinning!


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    • justleesha says

      So happy it will work for you! I really liked it too.. I may just use it for a few things myself. 🙂

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