Phone Apps for Watermarking Photos

In this digital age of phone photography it’s important to brand your photos. Once an image is uploaded to the web, it’s not only impossible to take back, but also extremely difficult to track, claim and get credit for. The importance of watermarking your images with your brand and name has never been more important. So what keeps people from doing it? I think perhaps it’s the belief that watermarking is difficult, time consuming and only possible with expensive software. But I want to disparage those beliefs and let you know, if you can snap a photo with your smartphone, you can just as easily watermark it.

Below are 4 free Android smart phone apps that I personally test drove and recommend for watermarking your phone photos. I also included a watermarked photo using each app to give you an example of what can be done with each one.

Be Funky:

If I had to choose, this would be my favorite. It is extremely user friendly and can double as a photo editor. It has a ton of clip art to customize your watermark, and though it doesn’t have as many fonts to choose from as some of other apps listed below, it does give you the option to download more.

Just free your mind… mmmmkay?

Font Studio:

 This app is simple, comes with many font choices and it also gives you the ability to download more. Not only that, but it has a few images you can include in your watermark. You could really get creative with this app as it also allows you to edit your photos too.

Add Watermark:

 This app is also pretty straight forward. It too has a lot of font choices and also allows you to run photos in a batch. So if you have a group of photos you need to watermark quickly this would really streamline the process.


 As its name applies this app does just one thing and one thing only, watermark. It’s nothing fancy and just has the bare-bones minimum. Personally, I like the ability to customize a bit more, but if you want something straight forward without any bells and whistles this will work just fine.

Do you have an App you just can’t live without?Post about it in the comments. I want to hear about it!

(If you’re looking to create your own watermark in Photoshop, check out my step by step tutorial here.)

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