Whimsy Haze Photo Recipe

The weather is warming up, flowers are being planted, and toddlers everywhere are being put to work to pay for their keep.

Well kinda.

She missed a good 93% of the intended watering zone, but I’m not gonna hold it against her.


Today I wanted to share with you how I took the original photo and transformed it by using some of my favorite photo veils, and textures from Love that Shot.

First I added some golden back light in the upper left hand corner. You see how to do that here.

Now it’s all about layering and adding a little bit more drama to the photo by using this simple photo recipe:

Sunshine Top Center (Illumination Veils Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity 69%

High Spotlight Right (Illumination Veils Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity 100%

Glass Slipper (Fairy Tale Texture Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity 100%

Frosted Dew (Botanical Veils Collection)Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity: 62%

Here is a screen shot of my edit:


As you can see I added Layer Masks to all the textures and veils.

Sometimes when you want an object, or a person, to be the focal point of an image you don’t want to hid them behind multiple layers.

An easy way to fix that, while keeping the whimsy haze look, is to simply brush the layers away with a paint brush using whatever opacity you think looks best.

I also added a watermark on the top layer. You can see how to easily create your custom watermark own here.


For added fun I created a GIF that illustrates how each layer transformed the photo:


Living Arrows


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