5 Websites for Improving Your Photography and Editing Skills

When I first started my photography obsession a few years ago I had..

A: no clue what I was doing.


B: was a cheapskate because…well refer to ‘A’

Thankfully, I was able to be learn and not spend major bucks in the process. So how did I accomplish learning about my camera, editing and Photoshop without paying a dime? Well my friends, I’m here to share my photography secrets!

Below I compiled a list of my top 5 favorite freebie sites related to photography and editing.


#1 The CoffeeShop Blog


Want some amazinly free photoshop actions? Look no further.  The Coffee Shop Blog has so many freebies that going through the collection and using each one would take weeks..and that is not a complaint. One of the actions I have been using a lot lately from is her site called gray velvet (see my photos using that action here). LOVE it.  Not only does she offer great actions, but also storyboard frames, textures and digital designs for scrap-booking.


#2 DaFont


I’m just guessing here, but I think they have like a bazillion fonts. Whats great is not only are the categories organized to help narrow your search, but you can even test the font you like with their custom preview before downloading it. Shazam!


#3: Clickin Moms

photography secrets

This. Place. Rocks. If you want to be inspired by some amazing photographers AND  learn in the process check out this site. Every time I visit I am blown away by the beauty and creativity of the images. They offer tips for beginners, have some great tutorials and even post interviews from some of the amazing women who make up the world of Clickin Moms. If you find yourself consumed by this site and want more, they also offer a paid membership ($60) that would give you access to even more goodies!


#4 Ken Rockwell


Heard of him? I learned his name real quick when I dived into the online photography realm. Remember how I said I had no clue what I was doing? His site totally helped with that. It can be extremely overwhelming when you first jump into a new hobby. For example, I didn’t know what brand of camera would fit me best, what lens I should invest in and what accessories were really worth it. His reviews and information helped with that. Though I will admit his site isn’t pretty, he makes up for it with  the wealth of information provided.


#5 Simple As That


I having been reading this blog for years and I love it! Rebecca from Simple As That offers great tips for capturing moments from Disney vacations to everyday lifestyle shots. She have also included guest posts from other photographers and bloggers (like me! yay!). Don’t miss out on visiting her fantastic site.









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