Memorial Day

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post simply about what’s been going on with this family of mine. This past weekend we spent Memorial Day camping up north. And since we didn’t think we had enough girls crammed into our truck, we brought another one along.

Because really, can there ever be enough little girls around here?? Girls kinda rock, so I think we were good.

(I may or may not be biased on this subject of course, but’s all good.)


I was concerned we would end up trapped in the trailer all weekend because of the predicted rain, but like all forecasts that are about 2.6% accurate, it hardly rained and when it did it was just a quick lovely little shower.


I of course completed my camping duty and ate many s’mores. As did my children. And in lieu of scary campfire stories the girls played Truth or Dare and let me just say the giggles were out of control. Being four girls elementary age almost all truth questions revolved around boys and who you like. Did I already say the giggles were out of control? Yes? Well, I just want to reiterate that because the face hiding and giggling were well….out of control.


And speaking of out of control, this soon to be 10 year old insists on riding bikes with her font ‘bangs’ pulled out in front of her face. I fear this will someday lead to a massive bike wreck due to loss of vision, but what do I know… I’m just mom.


The End.

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