A Road Trip

Recently my family went on a weekend road trip. Our destination?? A surprise party for my grandma, who turned 80 years young! Did everyone keep the secret??? Was she surprised? Continue on to find out!

First, for our trip there we made a loop through Central Oregon, a trip I have taken ba-zillion times… I may or may not be exaggerating …. so to shake it up a bit we took a new route. I like living on the edge people…kinda.

The goal of this loop was to visit one of  Oregon’s 7 Wonders, the Painted Hills. What? Oregon has 7 wonders? Yup.. the TV told me so, and like the internet it’s a 100% reliable source.


This child innocently asked how long it took to paint the hills, and why did someone do it? Ha.

P.S. Nobody puts Baby in a corner….. mmmkay?

So now I have seen Six of the Seven Wonders of Oregon. The only one left is Crater Lake, which I have been itching to see for years, but have yet to make it. booo.

On our way home I tried to book some excursions, but it was Sunday and the sites were closed. In the end we took the girls to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It opened when I was in 4th grade and I can still remember the field trip we took there. I thought it was awesome, and by golly my girls thought the same thing!


I totally climbed into one of these and yelled “Wagons Ho! Onward!!! Yah! Yah! Yah! You filthy beasts!!” unknown to the fact that there were other site seers behind some of the wagons. My oldest was mortified.


As a side note I would just like to say going to a museum with a 2 year is like visiting in Fast Forward.  Don’t even try to read diary excerpts, or the historical stories on the walls because you will only get 2/3rds of the way through and will be forced to leave never knowing if they forged that dang river, if Timmy died of the pox, or if the Indians got them.


OR they will fixate on an object and not want to leave. Like ever. So you have to now pack them underarm while they scream. Did the pioneers have to do this? I would like to think yes.

Which leads me to this photo:


There was an activity room for kids where you get to dress up and pack your own wagon. While loading supplies we forced our youngest to make sure this made it on board. Because if we were taking these girls on the Oregon Trail, we needed it.

Oh, and were you waiting to see if the surprise party was a success?


It was.


Love you grandma! Happy Birthday.


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    Ok, I’m off to google the 7 wonders of Oregon (and Mass!) – those hills are gorgeous!

    I went to Crater Lake two years ago – AMAZING!

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