School’s Out!

Another year down.
This coming Fall I will be the parent of a fifth grader *gasp* AND a third grader!
fall and summer

When I  started digging through my photos for the first day of school shot I thought for sure there would be a huge difference between then and now.

And…..I didn’t see much difference. So maybe my prayers are being answered and they stopped growing up so fast?


If course that means a reality check:

summers past

cascade 030

summers past2

yellowstone 189

They are certainly growing.

Summer is here and it’s time for sprinkler running, camping, swimming, ice cream and vacations.


I read somewhere you only really get 18 summers with your kids.


That’s just a drop in the bucket of life.

Make the most of them!

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    Hey Leesha!!! Do you really not see how much they have grown?!?!?! oh my God… specially your oldest! They did grow a ton this year, and even though I hate to break it to you.. something happens in fith grade, that our little girls stop being small all of a sudden… Still don´t worry, I can see their baby smiles all the time in mine!

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