If you follow me on Instagram you may of been subject to my photo posting overload this past week. Whoops.

But I did save a few for here.

If you are ever in Idaho and want a view to die for, visit Stanley.


I love it.

I think it’s absolutely beautiful and if I ever win the lotto, I will buy property here just so I can stare out the window and take in the view.



and hike all the trails…


and enjoy the all the wild flowers…



and watch my kids swim in the lakes….



and revel inΒ their pride when then accomplish a 10 mile hike.


As I post this a quote comes to mind.

Β “Kids don’t remember their best day of television.”

True story people.

I hope my girls remember this, even if for the little one that means reliving it through photos.

Take your kids outdoors. Teach them there is a life outside of Facebook, IPod’s, TV and all that ever consuming tech world…Cause we all need a break.

You won’t regret it.



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      I must admit it’s something I often take for granted. It is so beautiful and diverse here in the NW. From ocean beaches, to deserts, to mountains…we kinda got it all. You should visit! πŸ˜‰

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    Yes Idaho has some some pretty amazing views. – It’s great you all had such a wonderful visit. I enjoyed your beautiful photos very much. Of course I’m partial to my state (WA) which also has amazing views.

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    Gorgeous photos and what a beautiful spot! I’m very close to you (in Yellowstone) at the moment, and wish I’d known about this place, as we drove through Idaho but missed it. Your photos are definitely making me want to go back πŸ™‚ x

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    Hey Leesha!!! I enjoyed each and every picture you posted on IG,,,, and now here, bigger I like them even more! Seems like you had a great time, IΒ΄ll mark Idaho as a cool place to visit on a future vacation!

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    Your pictures are beautiful. I haven’t seen the previous posts so I guess I better go check them out too. While before I do that I think it’s time to schedule the trip to the beach with my grandson.

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    Wow, looks like a gorgeous place for a vacation. Beautiful pictures and I love the quote you included, it is so true. It’s so nice to be able to provide beautiful memories for your children instead of sitting them in front of a TV.

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    Now that looks like a wonderful place! If we don’t teach our children about the great outdoors, they will probably never have the gumption to do it on their own.

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