Ummmm 365, where are you?

So last year I decided that starting January 1st, 2015 I was going to capture a photo everyday for an entire year. I went into like most people do when they think they have an amazing new project. All optimistic, conquer the world attitude and such. I’d like to think I looked like this:


But with less boob-age.

Oh, and I don’t really own an outfit like that. BUT the “POW” and star animation, totally had that.

However, I just didn’t realize a 365 involved a whole lot of organization. And because of my lack of foresight, involving photo organizing, and what I can only understand as my inability to wear a skin tight leotard and weird wrist thingy-ma-bobs,  I haven’t posted a 365 for… errrrrr… I dunno. A long time.

I have no freaking clue where to even start picking up my slack. My slack goes back to May and it’s July, which is a whole lot of photos to find and date. Weep for me will you?

Oh, and have I taken a photo everyday? *shrug*

I guess I need to admit I kinda sucked up this project. BUT I’m still going to accost you with what I can scrounge up involving the last few weeks.

I think I will call it a highlight reel.


And I think I just came up with a new project! Cue the stars in my eyes and perpetual reader let down. Readers? Are you out there???

May something:

126 May 6th

May again:

132 May 12

May 12th!

138 may 18


143 may 23


148 may 28

June. Yup. For sure.:

152 june 1

Very recently:

164 june 12

Even more recent:

166 June 14


During this photo interlude I actually kinda sorta organized. I am currently missing 68 photos.

But who’s counting?

Not this lady:


Peace out.


  1. Cathie says

    Gorgeous photos as always. I have contemplated a 365 many times and actually did start one around 2012’ish. Yeah, I got to probably 10… 🙂 It’s too hard man.

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