Why you need a Tripod and a New Photo Recipe!

Were hitting mid stride around here for summer and that means my Black-eyed Susan’s are finally making an appearance. I tried to capture them without a tripod and was less than successful:

Even when the wind is hardly blowing I can hardly keep my camera still when crouching down. I knew the photos weren’t going to be perfect, but once I uploaded them I saw they were pretty awful. I knew I needed a tripod to steady myself, as well as adjusting my Aperture.

This photo I took the next day after setting up my tripod and using a timer for my shutter:withinfo

See the difference?

The lighting was certainly different, but I also changed my Aperture to 2.8. Not shooting the flower from above also allowed for a little more depth and visual appeal.

Whew. So now that I have a much better photo to work with I’m ready to edit.

Right away I knew I wanted to use some of Love That Shots Photo Veils.

Once uploaded into Photoshop I found the three I was looking for, overlayed each veil/spotlight, adjusted the opacity and in less than a few minutes had my photo complete:


Here are the details of what I used to achieve this look:

Bells of Ireland (Botanical Veils Collection) – Blending Mode: Softlight – Opacity: 100%

Green Spotlight Left (Illumination Veils Collection) – Blending Mode: Overlay – Opacity: 100%

Warm Spotlight (Illumination Veils Collection) – Blending Mode: Softlight – Opacity: 75%

If you love taking photos of nature and flowers Love that Shot has tons of great Veils that suit this genre of photography! I will forever love their Spotlight Collection and use it often when I edit, regardless if it’s a photo of my girls, still life, or action. It is truly a great set to keep in your editing arsenal!  Check out their site for lots of great photography and editing information.

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    It is amazing with the difference. I am just really getting into editing my pictures for my blog, and the quality of pictures is amazing. I have not used a tripod yet, but am sure that will be coming shortly as well. With my blog being a visual one about home decor I need to be sure my picture game is on point! Thanks for the tips!

  2. says

    Wow, the tripod makes a massive difference! I always figured it would, but seeing before and after really shows a significant difference in clarity Not sure I can take the tripod with me to the restaurant though… 🙂

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