Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Almost a month has gone by with no new posts.

I blame summer. Which only means I only have two more weeks until that excuse is invalid. Cause you know, school starts!!

YAY! Hallelujah!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

*clears throat*

So ummm yeah, I love my kids but they are driving me insane. So I will not withhold my joy as school creeps back into our lives. I will not. Because I must remain true to my feelings. So there.

In regards to blogging I have actually had other stuff going on. I published a few articles on Craftsy! You can see them here:



And this one:



I have also been creating fun little quotes on Canva lately because its fun and stuff:

eyesight quote

imagine what you want your kids

mon days

d e v e l o p m e n T


And when I’m not on the computer (which isn’t often I may add) we have been working on home projects. My husband and I recently built our oldest a loft bed.. AND she has slept in it without it collapsing on her!


If that ain’t success I dunno what is.

*self high five*

Our middle daughter  has been getting more and more into Gymnastics lately and joined Team. This means she will be competing and traveling this year. I’m really excited for her! She needs an outlet for all her craziness and it’s been awesome! She had really fallen out of love with it at the beginning of summer so she took a little break. I talked her into trying out a new gym and she LOVES it there. She has been thriving and is once again excited to go to practice.

(insert Gymnastics photo) <—— ummm apparently I have no photographic evidence of this. I will someday. Promise.

And lastly, what is summer without some crazy injury?!



The little one BROKE her arm. I will confess I acted like a complete buffoon when this all went down and may or may not of shouted at my 8 year old to dial 911. I’m also pretty sure I ran in about 23 circles without accomplishing anything and acted like such a complete crazy person my injured 3 year old had to slap my face (with her good arm) and tell me to get it together. I also may of been hallucinating that last part.


So how is your summer? Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?? There is no shame in that game..and if there is supposed to be I am lacking it. eh.

dancing animated GIF


  1. Brock says

    Awesome post! I’m sitting by myself at a table waiting on an order and laughed out loud when I pictured you running circles around the house accomplishing absolutley nothing.

  2. says

    Welcome back! summer is busy and I think many of us slowed down with blogs. I LOVE that photo with the kids- Canva IS fun, I am just learning to use it.

  3. says

    hahahahah OMG I loved this post!!!! Yeap.. I am going crazy here myself… and were also a month away from my computer which I missed sooo bad!!! Love your quotes too!!!
    Thanks so much for making me laugh this morning, you are good!!!!

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