Life is Messy

Over the weekend my husband took the middle and the little up camping. My oldest and I stayed home.

It. was. awesome.

Sometimes I think we just need to sit down and reconnect with our kids with a little one on one time.

Easier said than done, right?

With that said I must say I witnessed a amazing phenomenon during this time. When I left a¬†spotless¬†room to do something I would come back…and I could still see the floor up on my return!! As in it wasn’t covered in toys, shoes, random blankets and other unidentifiable objects.

Mind blown.

I forgot what it was like to not three kids destroying the house.

It’s Monday.

Back to reality.



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    • justleesha says

      Me too! It didn’t last long…but thats ok. Someday I wont have them destroying the house and Im pretty sure Im gonna miss it.

  1. says

    that sounds awesome! When Jaina and I spend time together, she assumes that time will be spent shopping. It gets expensive to have “together time” with a 13 year old!

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