Photography Tips; Photo Recipe for Creating Drama & Definition

I recently acquired a bunch of antiques cameras from an auction! Yay!! My original plan was to use them as display pieces, but I also thought they would make some great subjects for prints too. I wanted the images to have a neat vintage ‘look’ and I knew right away what set-up and editing tools I […]

Hard at Work

It’s been awhile since I entered an I Heart Faces Challenge. This month’s theme is “Hard at Work”. What is harder for an eight year old (or even a 32 year old for that matter) than homework? Hard in a sense that there are about 462 other things you would rather be doing. Such as: […]


There is a rhyme I vaguely remember from my days of Elementary school that popped into my head the other day. The chant/rhyme thingy went something along the lines of: “Homework. Homework. Makes me sick. Makes me barf and go two-forty-six.” I have no clue what going two-forty-six is, but it must of been bad. Real bad. I must […]