Photography Tips; Photo Recipe for Creating Drama & Definition

I recently acquired a bunch of antiques cameras from an auction! Yay!! My original plan was to use them as display pieces, but I also thought they would make some great subjects for prints too. I wanted the images to have a neat vintage ‘look’ and I knew right away what set-up and editing tools I would need. Below are some photography tips and my new photo recipe to help achieve that vintage look.

Photography Tips

#1 Use a Tripod

I don’t care how hard I try to hold still, I always shake when shooting photos. The only way to get real crisp shots of stationary subjects is to set up and use a tripod. After a few adjustments, and some diffusing of light from my front windows, I had a simple set up. The best angle I found was shooting from the top, looking down at the subject. (I used my camera to take this photo, so its not attached to the tripod, but you can see the head of the tripod angled down to the floor). I also used a remote to avoid any possible movement, but you can use your cameras built in timer just as easily.

Photography Tripod Tips

Once loaded onto my computer I saw I had a pretty sharp image to edit.
Thanks Tripod!

Vintage Camera

#2 Use Textures

In order to get that vintage look I was aiming for, I opened up two textures from Love that Shot.

 1: Calais from the Olde World Collection

Love that Shot

2: Neutral Spotlight from their Illumination Veils Collection

Love that Shot

Once opened, I centered the camera image (it was a little off center) and overlayed the two textures as follows:

Calais Texture >Softlight>45% Opacity
Spotlight Veil>Overlay>71% (spotlight is off center, so I moved light to center of image)

One of the benefits of using these two textures is they really brought out the richness of the dark wood. I love it!

#3 Use A Layer Mask 

I added a layer mask to the Calais image and painted away some of the texture with a black brush.

Photography Tutorials

Once that was complete I simply added a watermark.
(Click here for a step by step tutorial on how to make your own watermark.)


By taking a little bit of time to set up properly, I was able to get a nice blur free shot of my cute little Kodak Brownie camera…
Add a few simple texture overlays and I achieved that subtle vintage look I was going for!

Photo Tutorial

Now lets see how long it will take me to actually print this AND hang it up……

Click here for more photography tutorials!



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    A friend and I were just talking about cameras and how we don’t use anything besides our phones to take pictures anymore. I have a really nice Nikon but NEVER use it because it is HUGE! How sad is that?! We spent a pretty penny on the thing but our phones are always RIGHT THERE to get that shot so it sits in the bag…

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