There is a rhyme I vaguely remember from my days of Elementary school that popped into my head the other day. The chant/rhyme thingy went something along the lines of:
“Homework. Homework. Makes me sick. Makes me barf and go two-forty-six.”
I have no clue what going two-forty-six is, but it must of been bad.

Real bad.

I must of feared this two-forty-six  because, well….. I feared everything.
Yes, I was a wimp.

Oh, okay..yeah.. I’m still kinda wimpy. Sheesh.

But, I bring this up because last week was the girls’ first day back to school..and this is the inaugural week of homework.
And it went like this:


I could relate because I feel like this sometimes too when they have homework.
I also feel like this when the following happens:
I have to do the dishes.
Laundry needs put away.
Were out of milk. AGAIN.
I get into the car, running late, and realize I barely have enough gas to get down our sloped driveway.
And every 179 times the girls come out of their bed at night with ridiculous excuses (and Im not joking that is happening right now as I type this).

30 rock animated GIF

So yeah, I’m in my 30’s and homework and all that ‘being an adult/parenting’ stuff sometimes kinda makes me go two-forty-six (whatever that is) and smack my head on the kitchen table.

But there is a silver lining.
It’s called quiet, uncomplicated reading homework.



I can handle that.
It makes me go ummm nine-twenty-two.

I made that up.


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