Enhancing a Portrait using Photoshop

There are a few photos over the years that no matter how many pictures I take, they still remain some of my favorites.
This is one of them:


I have actually printed and displayed this photo, which is saying something because that rarely happens.

While brainstorming ideas for my next editing tutorial this photo popped into my head.
It’s certainly not a recent shot, but since it’s one of my favorites why not share?

Here is the straight out of camera photo:


To me it’s still a beautiful portrait, but I know I can get rid of the ‘washed out’ feel and really enhance the photo to make it more elegant.
So whats a gal to do when she feel’s inspired to share an oldie but goodie edit? She goes crazy and makes a video tutorial!


I have made videos in the past, but never Photoshop tutorials…and I could say I whipped up this bad boy in..say I dunno, a few hours.. but that would be a lie.
Recording, talking, adding music, images and multiple transitions ain’t easy.
However,  I’m throwing caution to the wind, and to you my lovely readers, and publishing it on YouTube.

I want to test the waters and see if this is something that would be useful for my tutorials page.
So what do you think?
Awesome or a time waster?
Amazing or blah?
Your input would be greatly appreciated!




enhancing a portrait


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