Self Diagnosis and Whiplash

I have a disorder.

It’s called Obsessive Lack of Creativity.

And yes, I self diagnose.

I have been going a million miles an hour and yet apparently going no where. As a result my blog has been quiet because I feel like I don’t have anything worthy to say.


My feelings can be summed up in this photo:


Because when I look at my camera that’s how it looks at me.

Clearly disappointed. Angry even.

The irony of it all is that I recently wrote a post about getting out of a photography rut and it seems I have dug myself right into one.

Sooooo, I plan on re-doing this project from a few months ago, hoping to find some new inspiration.


Cause while looking at all the amazing photos in Click Magazine the only thing I could come up with was taking a photo of their cool photos.

So I have felt a little like this kid.

Trying to give it my best shot and ending up with what I can only say is whiplash.

And cake.

Because cakes makes me feel better.


  1. says

    Don’t get discouraged! Keep trying. Try different angles, lighting, and sometimes random objects turn out to be great subjects! As for blogging, the inspiration will come when you least expect it!

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