Make it Snow with Photoshop!

I really wanted a winter/snowy look for some photos this year, but getting that isn’t always an option.
Why?? Well….
When there is snow, it is cold.
It’s hard to predict pristine snow fall and I need to plan.
It’s cold.
Really cold.

So the idea is nice, but not always practical. Snotty noses and Hypothermia anyone? No thanks.
So why not create your own snow?
Digitally of course!
After trying multiple methods and online tutorials for getting that winter look I was going for I found one that worked. I love sharing great Photoshop finds with all you!  This tutorial is super easy to follow and helped me create this:


Of course not every photo is the same, so you may not have the same great results as shown in the tutorial. For that problem I have some tips before jumping in:

– Photo needs a distinct ground color.

If your whole image has a ‘brown look’ like this photo:reeseforfacebookAdding snow using this tutorial will be almost impossible and it will not look realistic.

-You may need to add a plain white layer and overlay using screen mode to add more white to the image.


-If the brushes don’t work as described in the tutorial, use these free overlays to add more snow or use them together for a great look!

– Using a layer mask, paint off any Color Range adjustments off people and faces or they will look like apocalyptic zombies.


Here is another example of using this technique:

add snow 2

If you use transform some of your photos using this method share on my Facebook Page! I would love to see.
For more photo tips and tutorials make sure to check this section of my site.

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