One Moment, Four Perspectives.

Today I took out my camera and snapped a few photos of my little one.
She was into her cartoons and fishy crackers and I just wanted to savor the moment.


One thing I have a habit of doing is taking tons of photos and staying completely stationary the entire time.


So what does that get me?
Well, basically a ton of photos of the exact.


It’s important to remember to move!
Change perspectives.


Originally I was sitting on the last bar stool enjoying my breakfast and thought, ‘hmmmm this is a cute shot.’
I took out my camera and took multiple photos of her while I braced my body on my cabinets (to keep steady) and got nothing by multiple versions of the same thing.¬†What’s the point of that?!
By moving around I was able to seek out different light, different angles, and even catch different moods and expressions.

My phototip of the day:

Get down with your bad self!
Get, low, low, low, low.
and bust a move (or not).

Your portfolio will thank you.


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