Love that Shot; January Photo Recipe

Make the subject of your photo stand out more in a few easy steps!


The following photo recipe uses textures and overlays from Love that Shot, along with some simple editing techniques that will help bring your subject to the foreground.

Before Image:beforewmI love this photo, but I really want to make the colors rich, warm and a bit darker.

Step One
Duplicate layer by right clicking image, select Burn tool and adjust opacity to 15% and brush around subject.burn

Step Two
Add new layer with color code: f3d69e (soft yellow). Blending mode: Softlight, Opacity >20%overlay

Step 3
Add Love that Shot’s Overlays & Textures:
Calais Texture. Blending mode: Softlight, Opacity > 25%
Rowan Ash Overlay. Blending mode: Softlight , Opacity >100%
La Rochelle TextureBlending mode: Softlight , Opacity >45%
Sunshine 1 Top Center Veil. Blending mode: Softlight , Opacity >40%
Now my photo has that added subtle touch I was looking for!
Check out more of Love that Shots amazing textures, veils, overlays and tutorials!

Here is a GIF of the transformation:V97AH-



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