Why, hello there.

It’s been awhile.
And just that line alone makes me wanna break into a song by Staind. Ya know, the one with the same title..”It’s been awhile since….” ?? and yes, that’s right, no ‘e’  on the band name (cuz that makes it cool mmmkay?) and the lyrics of that song have absolutely nothing to do with blogging, but that is just how I roll….sporadically and with no direction.

So if you’re looking for a good throw back to the year I graduated high school (2001 to be exact) and want to reminisce with me, watch the video.

Awww yes. Back flood the memories of zero responsibility,  blonde Clairol hair dye and poor fashion sense. Oh how I miss you.

Back to the purpose of this post. Which is just a “HI! You still there? Anyone???” Why haven’t I written jack diddly in a few months?? Ummmm blog burn out, photography burnout, annoying camera issues, bad weather, super crazy insane kids sports schedules and lack of computer time, oh and more recently…computer issues. Yay! So yeah, I have lots of excuses lined up, take your pick folks.

But, I did get some photos the other day and thought they would make a great addition to my Photo Recipe Collection for Love that Shot. So by golly gee whiz, I may just get those loaded, edited and posted this month! Say whaaaaat? Yeah, I’m ambitious today… did I tell you I got the 4 baskets of laundry that have been taunting me finally folded?? No? Well I’m on a crazy high now, so I pretty much think I can accomplish anything. Watch out people.


Back later! Peace out. See ya later.

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