Senior Photo Shoot

That is how I felt when I got home the other night with a camera full of gorgeous photos. My thoughts?? “How the heck am I going to dwindle all these beautiful shots down?!” It was a very good ‘AHHHHH!’ problem to have.

As most of you know, my photography is a hobby..I take photos for family and friends when I have the time, but my kids have been real good at eating most of that up for…hmmm I dunno that last ten years or so. Ha!
Being that my girls’ are not High School Seniors yet (thank goodness!) I have never taken senior photos before..and wow! What an experience!

With that said, as my youngest gears up for Kindergarten next year I foresee more time in my schedule to do more of this hobby….. and turn it into a business. EEEEK!

But back to the Senior photos I took.. I did dwindle them down, and had so much fun editing them. The setting, lighting and subject were so wonderful there was no need to ‘fix’ anything. It was a trifecta of awesomeness.








A big thank you to such a beautiful lady who endured getting into river, laying in the weeds, and fighting off mosquitoes to capture all the shots I made my job so easy.

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