And Then There Was….. The Selfie

I compiled my photos from the last week for my 365 challenge, and discovered I have to include a selfie because it’s the only photo I took that day. This fact makes me wince. But, to play the ‘selfie devils advocate’ here…..if I don’t ever take a photo of myself no one will ever know […]

Just Words

She is: Kind. Loving.Sweet. Goofy. Dramatic. Creative. Shy. A Worrier. Sensitive. Talented. Comical.Beautiful. The End. P.S.So I need to add something. On Sunday I was moving a ladder around outside and making noise along the side of the house. The kids didn’t know I was out there and got scared. The above child got her […]


I wrote earlier about how much my little one missed her big sister while she was away at school. However……. we have a little secret to share with ya…. It totally ROCKS being the only kid at home! You don’t have to share your toys with anyone. ohhhhhhh yeah! and my thoughts on this? Two […]