Life questions via a 7 year old.

While out at dinner last night my 7 year old asked me a question that completely caught me off guard. We were eating out next to a family that I believe was speaking Russian, and she had been staring at them for an inappropriate amount of time. Even after both her dad and I told […]

And Then There Was….. The Selfie

I compiled my photos from the last week for my 365 challenge, and discovered I have to include a selfie because it’s the only photo I took that day. This fact makes me wince. But, to play the ‘selfie devils advocate’ here…..if I don’t ever take a photo of myself no one will ever know […]

So far, so good.

Well I’m on day eleven of the whole ‘photo a day/365 challenge’ and I’m already figuring out why it’s called a challenge and not a 365 breezy-fun-easy-to-do-thingy.For one ‘365 challenge’ sounds much better. For two, it can be challenging.Who’d a thought?!Thanks to winter and the inversion we have been assaulted with lately, some days the […]

A Year Ago

These photos are from a year ago when my girls tried ice skating for the very first time. Well, the older two did. The little one just did some sightseeing and ate what I believe to be some member of the cracker family. I was curious what we were up to a year ago.Cause, you know.. […]

Day One

I Heart Faces theme this month is Everyday Life… and what encompasses more of my life then this? Kids and cereal. ha!  I will admit that almost everyday we have cereal for some meal or another. We are a major cereal loving family, and go through boxes and boxes of it. We keep Kellogg in […]