Choosing My Battles

I don’t know how weekday mornings go in other peoples homes,  but I will suffice to say that ours is crazy. Someone usually cries. Someone usually vocalizes breakfast is “disgusting” Someone spills something. There is definitely yelling. Someone usually has a mental breakdown…or two And someone usually tries to walk out the door dressed like […]

Black and White Photo Recipe

One of my favorite photos from a recent shot was this adorable capture of two siblings. Sometimes when I get home and start editing I look at a photo and just know it needs to be black and white. This was one such image. Here is the original photo in color: After converting the original […]

Day One

I Heart Faces theme this month is Everyday Life… and what encompasses more of my life then this? Kids and cereal. ha!  I will admit that almost everyday we have cereal for some meal or another. We are a major cereal loving family, and go through boxes and boxes of it. We keep Kellogg in […]

Black and White Baby Love

I just happened to see that Rock the Shot is having a Black and White Portrait Challenge and couldn’t help but put my baby girl’s photo in the running.  It’s probably my favorite photo I have of her as a baby.  I have even used it for my watermark tutorial here. They are offering some […]

Maryhill. Take one.

For the last day or two I  have been trying to get a post written about the last leg of our quick trip last weekend, but things have been busy.  Same tune, different day anyone? I have to say, getting back in a routine is going to be awesome!! I always miss my girls when […]