Fix It Friday – Week Seven

Something I never really thought of when I first started Fix It Friday is that I may have the ability to truly help someone. When the opportunity knocked via a Facebook message from an old friend I jumped at the chance. She put me in touch with a friend of hers who needed a little […]

Fix it Friday – Week 6

Whew. So I haven’t posted a new Fix it Friday in awhile, but I have a new one today! Yay! One of my long time friends sent me a photo of her daughter awhile back that needed a little work.  What a difference! (Since I cropped the image, it was getting pretty pixelated, so I […]

Fix it Friday – Week 5

Today’s Fix it Friday is a photo I received along with week two’s submission.  You can see that edit here. When they were sent in I couldn’t decide which one to feature… (decisions aren’t my strong point) Then I realized, I don’t have to choose ’cause I’m the boss of this joint. Uh huh. Yup. […]

Fix it Friday – Week 4

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a little off for me in terms of posting. The biggest reason being my vision has been going a little crazy in one eye (that’s right, just one) and I’m pretty sure I need glasses.  I noticed it about a year ago, but its gotten to a point […]

Fix it Friday – Week 3

Today’s Fix it Friday was a fun and simple fix. Here is the after: The Before:  Thanks to everyone who has submitted a photo to Fix it Friday! I love getting your emails and the opportunity to edit a photo that isn’t mine. Remember, if you have a photo that needs a little fix contact […]