Huff Post Moms

Huffington Post published one of my recent blog posts from last week.  It made it to the front page of Huff Post Moms!  Pretty exciting!Read it here:Mothers Everywhere, You Are Welcome.  If you have a chance to like and share the article via Huff I would love you forever. Thanks! ——-o——-Titus 2 Tuesday

Accidently Philosophical

 I used this photo in my latest Huffington Post Article.  The article centered a lot around how amazing, yet detrimental, Photoshop has been to our society.(wow, that sounded deep. I wasn’t going for that effect, just surface scratching.)  But think about it.. we all know this. Like Victoria’s Secret models reallllly look like that…pfffffff….yeah right.(sorry guys) […]

Huffington Series, Numero Uno.

I have been working on something for the Huffington Post for awhile.  It didn’t really go as planned. I can honestly say that I don’t think any of my photo ‘things’ every go exactly how I envision.  But, I keep on truckn’. Well, most of the time.  I have scrapped a few projects.  Cause they […]

When The Huffington Post knocks…

When the Huffington Post knocks, you answer.  Well you may or may not scream, hyperventilate, giggle like a little school girl, have to change your pants, then answer, but you answer.  This is all theoretically speaking of course. So imagine my surprise, no, shock….when a Huffington Post Photo Editor knocked on my proverbial door. I […]