Spring Photo Recipe

¬†Flowers are starting to bloom around here and Spring Fever is reaching its pitch! (At least in my house) So what’s a gal to do? Make a Spring Photo Recipe using some of Love That Shots beautiful photo veils, that’s what! I love spring flowers, planting in my garden and ditching those winter blues and […]

How Garth Brooks Made Me Realize Something….

Earlier this week I wrote about how as your kids get bigger so do their attitudes. It was no lie. They can be little hellions. BUT, My oldest did something that made me melt and made me wonder if perhaps I got it all wrong. Here’s a little back story… So I kinda like Garth […]

A Year Ago

These photos are from a year ago when my girls tried ice skating for the very first time. Well, the older two did. The little one just did some sightseeing and ate what I believe to be some member of the cracker family. I was curious what we were up to a year ago.Cause, you know.. […]

Top 10 (and then some) Photos of 2014

Seriously? Really? Today I refuse to exude optimism about another year.Because it means I’m getting older, so I have made it my duty to get grouchier.Cause that’s what you do.You get old and grouchy. Unless were talking about summer 2015. Then…..well garsh, I just love summer.  So I guess we can move into 2015 with […]

Fix It Friday – Week Seven

Something I never really thought of when I first started Fix It Friday is that I may have the ability to truly help someone. When the opportunity knocked via a Facebook message from an old friend I jumped at the chance. She put me in touch with a friend of hers who needed a little […]