The Scary Diagnosis

It’s been almost one year since I discovered a bulls eye rash on my youngest daughter’s skin. A year. Seems like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time. Funny how life altering events continue to feel that way as time moves along. When I saw the rash I immediately remembered that […]

Life questions via a 7 year old.

While out at dinner last night my 7 year old asked me a question that completely caught me off guard. We were eating out next to a family that I believe was speaking Russian, and she had been staring at them for an inappropriate amount of time. Even after both her dad and I told […]

And Then There Was….. The Selfie

I compiled my photos from the last week for my 365 challenge, and discovered I have to include a selfie because it’s the only photo I took that day. This fact makes me wince. But, to play the ‘selfie devils advocate’ here…..if I don’t ever take a photo of myself no one will ever know […]

5 Steps to Creating Soft and Faded Black and White Photos

┬áHave you seen those black and white images with coloring that is soft and faded? Ever wondered how you too can achieve that look? I’m here so show you how! It’s really quite simple. Let’s get started! This is the image I started with: Step 1 Convert the photo to Black and White There are […]

Moving on

Well, I made it through January of my 365 photo a day challenge, and was really getting in the groove. Then February happened… I had to get out of bed one night after realizing,“Oh crap! I forgot to take a picture today!” (Can you guess which photo that was?) Thankfully, there were also days where […]