And Then There Was….. The Selfie

I compiled my photos from the last week for my 365 challenge, and discovered I have to include a selfie because it’s the only photo I took that day. This fact makes me wince. But, to play the ‘selfie devils advocate’ here…..if I don’t ever take a photo of myself no one will ever know […]

Life Lessons Via a Toddler

I am on the verge of giving up. Giving up on combing, and doing toddler hair. If you have, or ever had, a bald toddler you are lucky.  Why? Because I would rather glue a bow on a shiny hairless noggin, then chase and wrestle down a two year old. They are like greased pigs […]

Desperate Housewives: The Hobo Edition

My husband and I were sitting around the other day discussing Christmas. He asked me what I wanted so I rattled off a list of my 2014 holiday must have’s. When I finished it was quiet for a bit, then he asked. “So uhhhhhh basically you want wine, sweat pants and slippers?”  “Yup!” I replied […]