We took the girls to a local hands on science center last weekend. This was by far the highlight of the whole trip. The giant bubble maker.They could of stayed here all day. Sissy loved the light box. And this was perfect for our oldest.She wants to be a vet (and a mom, and an […]


This is my entry for I heart faces this week. Their theme is: Smile. Try getting Cheerios to stay in one spot is hard! So after they kept floating all over the bowl I decided I needed something to hold them in place. So I took some sticky wall tack, stuck it to the bottom […]

Photograph a feeling

I love when pictures can tell stories and show feelings.Here are some of my favorites! Some are obvious.Like Sissy here.Her coloring just wasn’t going as planned, and she started to cry. Sad. He was kicked out the the football game with all the big kids.Just a wee bit angry?Im sure me putting a camera in […]

In the details

Today I wanted to focus on taking shots of things I usually don’t think about photographing. Like my little one’s teeny weeny pony tail. Their footwear and accessories they chose all by themselves today. Some of their art work. And the evidence of how fast they are growing. And how one day I found this: […]


I like to participate in all sorts of photo taking opportunities so this blog will chronicle all those entries, along with my favorite photos that I take of my daily life. So here it is! My first entry. Are you wondering why Im posting a photo of my daughters dirty worn Ugg knock off’s? I […]