Enhancing a Portrait using Photoshop

There are a few photos over the years that no matter how many pictures I take, they still remain some of my favorites. This is one of them: I have actually printed and displayed this photo, which is saying something because that rarely happens. While brainstorming ideas for my next editing tutorial this photo popped into my head. It’s certainly […]

That’s a rap…. yes, RAP.

Look here! I actually took some photos. Go me! So this is a somewhat typical morning. However, contrary to what the above picture exudes, mornings are less than calm. My coffee is usually cold by the time I finish it. There is at least one argument. Oh, and someone cries. Not me… Okay, sometimes me. […]

Self Diagnosis and Whiplash

I have a disorder. It’s called Obsessive Lack of Creativity. And yes, I self diagnose. I have been going a million miles an hour and yet apparently going no where. As a result my blog has been quiet because I feel like I don’t have anything worthy to say. What?! My feelings can be summed […]

Photography Tips; Photo Recipe for Creating Drama & Definition

I recently acquired a bunch of antiques cameras from an auction! Yay!! My original plan was to use them as display pieces, but I also thought they would make some great subjects for prints too. I wanted the images to have a neat vintage ‘look’ and I knew right away what set-up and editing tools I […]

Hard at Work

It’s been awhile since I entered an I Heart Faces Challenge. This month’s theme is “Hard at Work”. What is harder for an eight year old (or even a 32 year old for that matter) than homework? Hard in a sense that there are about 462 other things you would rather be doing. Such as: […]