I may of found a new hobby

As you may know, I am a sucker for photos. Who has been watching lifestyle videography like no buddies business for two days? This gal. I can now add that I am a sucker for lifestyle films. So I grabbed my Nikon D750 with my Sigma 34-24 Art Lens and shot this super simple video yesterday. […]

Make it Snow with Photoshop!

I really wanted a winter/snowy look for some photos this year, but getting that isn’t always an option. Why?? Well…. When there is snow, it is cold. It’s hard to predict pristine snow fall and I need to plan. It’s cold. Really cold. So the idea is nice, but not always practical. Snotty noses and Hypothermia […]

Add Clouds to Create a Moody Photo in Photoshop

You would think someone who is an extreme photo hobbyist would of taken their holiday card photos ages ago. Been on top of their game. Blazed out great fall photos at the peak of tree leaf changing beauty. Edited, ordered and possibly mailed their amazingly awesome cards. pffffff Not this gal. I did, however, finally […]

Enhancing a Portrait using Photoshop

There are a few photos over the years that no matter how many pictures I take, they still remain some of my favorites. This is one of them: I have actually printed and displayed this photo, which is saying something because that rarely happens. While brainstorming ideas for my next editing tutorial this photo popped into my head. It’s certainly […]